Monthly Archives : October 2007

  • Do you exist?

    Research by ExecuNet indicated that 83 percent of recruiters looked online to verify information that they had found on a resume. Based on that, 43 percent eliminated a candidate. Furthermore 16 percent of corporate recruiters and 20 percent of search firm professionals identify their strongest candidates online. While the research doesn’t show a trend, it […]

  • Learning to fly

    What a fascinating week I have had. I recently bought a VLA (very light aircraft) with some friends and I’ve had to do a conversion so that I can fly the new type of aircraft – the Czech built Jora UA2 Special. On Thursday this week, I had planned to fly with a friend of […]

  • Defined by my work

    The paragraph below from Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes really struck me. From Maria’s diary after she slept with a man as a prostitute for the first time: I remember everything, although not the moment when I made the decision. Oddly enough, I have no sense of guilt. I used to think of girls who went […]