Pulled muscle

Yesterday in my gym session I pulled a muscle at the top of my left leg doing leg curls. It’s the exact action I need for kicking in the pool and pulling up my pedal on the bike. I really felt it this morning during my swim and did the second part of my workout with a pool buoy so as not to strain it further. I’m pretty sure it will heal quickly over the next days so won’t push it too much.

After the swim this morning I did a 45 min cycle which consisted of a 20 min warm up and then 8 sprints of a minute each (doesn’t sound like much does it 😉 with a rest of 30 secs in between. And then a cool down and back home. It’s a beautiful morning in Cape Town and with most people still on holiday the roads were empty.

I’m heading into town to get my car serviced, do some work in Dee’s office in town and then back home for a run this evening.


Today’s training has changed a bit because I wanted to include Saturdays Totalsport Challenge into my programme. This means I do a mini taper this week so that I can start Saturday with slightly fresher legs than I would have otherwise.

So today instead of doing my usual fast cycle (90 mins) and run (50/60 mins) which I have been doing the past couple of weeks, I will do a short swim of 1.5km, a speed cycle session which will be a warm up, some short sprints of 1 min each and a cool down and a similar running session.

More about the Totalsports later. I’m off to do some swimming.

R&R Run and then Rest

Spent the day in front of my Macbook catching up on some commitments I had and communicating. It’s cooled down now and I’m going to head out to do my run training on the green belt across from my house.

I’ve booked to see physio Mark Nathan who helped me last year. I’ve an appointment in the morning and tomorrow I have a day off from training which will be good for my leg.

Will be nice to round off all three disciplines today and then rest tomorrow.

Ironman 2009

Ok, so I’m going to blog my way through my training for Ironman 2009… After spending 5 months after last years event doing absolutely minimal exercise, I’m back on track with a training programme from Mark Allen. I can’t recommend markallenonline.com enough, it is a fantastic service with the best tools for anyone wanting to tackle an Ironman.

12 weeks and 5 days to go.

This week-end the totalsports challenge with my friend Lisa. More info at www.totalsports.com