Two ways forward

There are at least two ways to plan and get things done. 

One way is to plot.

That is breaking everything that needs to get done into smaller and smaller pieces and then manage your way towards the outcome. 

The other way is to be ready.

When opportunities arise grab them, when they don’t arise sit back and wait for opportunities to arise.

Both ways need you to know, at a high level, where you would like to get to.

The first so you can plot the steps and the second so that you know which opportunities to grab.

In 1998, author Richard Rumelt (Good Strategy / Bad Strategy) met with Steve Jobs and pointing out that having only one computer would consign Apple to a niche that they would never be able to escape from, Rummelt asked Jobs, ‘What is your long term strategy?’

Jobs didn’t attack his argument. Instead he smiled and said ‘I’m going to wait for the next big thing’

Steve Jobs - I'm going to wait for the next big thing













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Extreme emotions

There are times when something happens that sparks an unexpected emotion. These are not the usual mad, sad or glad – run of the mill type emotions that ebb and flow in our lives.

I am talking about the emotions that register high on the richter scale and leave us wondering what happened. I’m talking about extreme emotions.

When I am up close and in extreme emotions the world closes down. My options are limited and I am thinking about one or two options. This is different from easy feelings where I can play with the different aspects of a feeling. I can turn it around inside me and look at it from a number of perspectives.

It might be someone who does something that is hurtful and I don’t understand why. My ideas may be rejected by someone I love. Sometimes it may be waking up with the nagging worry that I cannot quite place.

The extreme feeling that arises throws me into a panic. Freeze, fight or flight. Are those the responses? That still sounds like a choice. When an extreme feeling arises I don’t feel like I have any choice. I am compelled to react.

The options are few when I am under the spell of an extreme emotion.

It is at times like these that I long for the space and time and perspective to examine the feeling from a number of different aspects.

Easy in theory. Hard in practice. But not impossible.

The options are few when I am under the spell of an extreme emotion.









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My manifesto on art and life

My life is the sum of what I have created and what I will create.

If we judge everything we do as creative, we set our own bar for what we put out into the world.

Rather than setting goals, step back and evaluate what I am creating and what do I want to create. Creation is more than goals.

Collaborate with others because life is more interesting creating with people.

And more complicated.

Borrow and lend freely.

Success is judged by others. 

When I judge it myself I am mostly wrong.

How much do I care what others think?

Comparing to others limits creativity. 

All that really matters is what is left behind when I am no longer here.

My manifesto on art and life








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