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  • The worlds #1 blogger

    Seth Godin has a very simple strategy for his business of being an author, speaker and publishing the world’s #1 marketing blog. As with most great strategies, there is lots underneath it but at the top level it can be explained simply as focusing on ‘doing what he does best’. For his blog he writes […]

  • Showers and your brand

    Our brands are what other people think about us, whether “we” is a company or me. And it’s simple, we all have one because other people think about all of us at least some of the time. Question is – what are they thinking? The second question is, what do you want them to think? […]

  • Do you exist?

    Research by ExecuNet indicated that 83 percent of recruiters looked online to verify information that they had found on a resume. Based on that, 43 percent eliminated a candidate. Furthermore 16 percent of corporate recruiters and 20 percent of search firm professionals identify their strongest candidates online. While the research doesn’t show a trend, it […]