Communication #1

Communication always happens on at least two levels. 

What you say is the easy part. It consists of the words that come out of your mouth or from your keyboard.

The trickier part is the message which is not the same as the words.

The message is influenced by:

  • what you model (are you telling someone loudly that they shouldn’t shout?) 
  • the manner and way in which you communicate (e.g. succinct, verbose, subtle, direct) 
  • who you are (as a person) and 
  • what you stand for (your values)
  • your background (what have you done previously that impacts this communication?) 
  • the people you are communicating with (how are they likely to receive the communication)
  • body language (Albert Mehrabian is mostly misinterpreted) 
  • or written style (if you are writing)
  • the medium you use to communicate
  • and only then what you say

Communication - what you say and the message are not always the same thing

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Author: Dale Williams

Dale is based in Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa from where he maintains connections with people all over the world through his portfolio life.