My work with UCT started in 2005 with a guest lecture on change management to the Organisational Psychology students. It must have landed well as the next year I was invited to lecture the ±400 strong BUS4050W Business Strategy class. This started the most fascinating journey which has included me being the convenor of the BUS4050W course (now called Strategic Thinking thanks to Prof Lynette Louw our external examiner at the time) for nine years and taking the course online in 2013 as a proof of concept for the University in partnership GetSmarter. We have added a number of innovations to the course including a start up project which gets funded by our partner Mazars and has lead to a number entrepreneurial businesses.

I have facilitated strategy workshops for the Dean of the Commerce Faculty, the School of Accounting and the Deputy Dean’s APPC group (Academic policies, procedures and administration). I have lectured to a number of other courses including the Strategy course for the Postgraduate Diploma’s in Sport, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, the Organisational Management Course as part of the Diploma in Marketing Management and the Introduction to Business for the Engineering Management students.

I’ve supported a number of committee’s and clubs by giving talks and coaching committee members. These include AIESEC (where I was actively involved in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a student), UCT Entrepreneurs Society and UCT Consulting Club.

About UCT

UCT sets itself the purpose inspiring creativity through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship. It aims to enhance the lives of its students and staff; advancing a more equitable and sustainable social order and influencing the global higher education landscape.