The Barack Obama strategy

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

It is fair to say that Barack Obama took the world by storm, not only with his message of hope for America but also the way that he went about his campaign. In addition to the execution of his campaign strategy, he stepped into the forefront at exactly the right time. America and the world had reached the tipping point in their tolerance of the Bush government and he offered something which was a breath of fresh air in comparison.

This was certainly not the only reason that his strategy got himself elected. In order to get into the game he needed to defeat Hilary Clinton in the primaries which was possibly more difficult that beating John McCain to the White House.

In this short video David Plouffe. Barack’s campaign manager gives an overview of their campaign strategy in June 2008, 5 months before the election. Not only do you get a strong sense of clarity around their approach, but also of the many challenges, money being one of them, which they needed to overcome.

Author: Dale Williams

Dale is based in Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa from where he maintains connections with people all over the world through his portfolio life.