The purpose of fear

Fear keeps us alive. 

Neanderthal cavemen knew to climb a tree when the feeling deep inside them alerted them to buffalo about to stampede.

Today, we know to pay more attention when driving at 100 miles an hour than when we are driving through the mall.

However we do not always see the fear that holds us back from taking the next step in our business or personal endeavours.

Fear’s purpose is very simple, it is an emotion that says, ‘pay attention you could get hurt here.’

We often focus on the second part of that and ignore the first. 

The purpose of fear is to make us cautious, not to paralyse us. 

To keep calm, acknowledge the fear and keep going.  

Paralysed cavemen did not last very long.

Keep calm and carry on even if you are feeling fearful













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Author: Dale Williams

Dale is based in Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa from where he maintains connections with people all over the world through his portfolio life.