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Stratifacts are essential and universally applicable strategic principles, rooted in proven business wisdom, that guide decision-making, planning, and execution. They are considered self-evident truths that resonate across industries and cultures, providing a foundation for successful business practices.



  1. The strength of the relationships within an organisation determine the success of the organisation
  2. If you can’t name your priorities out of your head then you don't have priorities
  3. People support what the create (derived from Dale Carnegie)
  4. "Human resources" is an oxymoron. People are much more unique and interesting than resources
  5. There are no experts in predicting the future
  6. Telling talented people what to do limits their contribution to your imagination
  7. If your executive team can't describe the ❤️ of your strategy at 3am then you don't have a strategy
  8. Understand motivations to understand behaviour
  9. The bigger an organisation the more people in the organisation will work to primarily cover their arse
  10. Change only happens from choice, chance or crises (John Kehoe)
  11. Strategy is about getting into a more powerful position against a changing environment
  12. Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face (Mike Tyson)
  13. Empathy is walking in another persons shoes and getting a blister in the same place
  14. Look for insightful questions and not insightful answers
  15. The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor (Bill O’Brien)
  16. The biggest lever in our lives is 'know thyself'
  17. Empathy helps us learn. Judgement confirms our existing knowledge
  18. Life is a game that no one gets out of alive
  19. Intuition is like sense of humor - we all think we are better than we are
  20. Facts knock politely on the door; stories crash the party naked
  21. The problem with being an opportunist is if you have to wait for an opportunity
  22. Analysis without paralysis, synthesis without clutter