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What's needed to successfully grow and deliver your strategy?

My clients are businesses that grow. A clear view of how growth will take place is exciting and energizing. My strategy process pulls together your best thinking into a simple one-page document. The one-page strategy clearly describes what you need to do to grow your business and how to get your team to support that growth. Your strategy is then further focused on priorities that describe the non-negotiable actions that will propel you into a stronger position. Choose how you would like to engage with your strategy below.

Refuel your strategy

You've got a business, it's big or maybe it's small. Maybe it's a creative project or the launch of a whole new division, a new product or a new country. Either way - you are at a crossroads. Strategy is about getting into a more powerful position in a changing environment. I'd like to help you get into a more powerful position. Choose how you want to refuel your strategy.


A selection of past clients

Dale Williams

Executive Coach

Businesses at times suffer from one or both of the following problems: An unclear vision of the future, and once clear, aligning staff to that vision. I have successfully worked for large corporations and dynamic entrepreneurs addressing these two problems. My skill is to listen, to understand and to help you to join the dots. Through this process, a clear picture of the future, a vision, emerges. Secondly, I know how to get people in your organisation excited to support that vision. 
That's what I do.

  • Sam Paddock

    Dale is an exceptional coach. He helps me see myself more clearly, play to my strengths, and accelerate my learning curve. He gives me powerful perspectives, strengthens the work I do, and always holds confidentiality. I would highly recommend Dale as an executive coach. (from LinkedIn)

  • Adrian Dommisse

    I was referred to Dale by various respected colleagues for strategic guidance for the specialized commercial law firm which I head. Dale quickly developed contextual understanding and valued insight into firm's history and innovative goals. His style of discourse extracted ideas, worries and aspirations that I was barely conscious of, and then amazingly built a strategy plan overlaying that. This gave me direct guidance but also pointed me in directions for my own strategic and managerial development. After working with him for a few months, including attendance at board, the outcome for our firm was a refreshed, razor sharp focus in which all the participants are aligned to our measureable goals. (from LinkedIn)


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