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This is my starting point. All roads lead from here into my portfolio life. I use this page to track the various parts of my portfolio. Clients, work, exercise, family, fun, travel and learning.   

Dale_Williams(ICF)My portfolio consists of different activities, some of which I do for money, some for interest, some for pleasure and some for a cause. Having a portfolio means I do not have to look to miraculously combine job satisfaction, financial reward and pleasant friends all in one package. Different days, different aspects of my portfolio.

The portfolio also shatters the idea of work life balance as an endless toil to steal from my family to do work or the other way around. My portfolio is inherently balanced and I consider myself an investor in the various items that make up my life. And as with any portfolio I get different returns from different parts, I could have incredible success in one area while more mediocre results in another.

Investment is normally about investing money to make more money. I have broadened my investment scope to be not only financial but also as an investor in people. I would still like a return – and money is only one way that I can make a return.

Other ways are rewarding connections, watching people learn and grow into their best selves or just the quiet knowledge that I’ve contributed to something in their lives. Leaving things slightly (and at times significantly) better than I found them.

Here are a few of my recent activities:

My TEDx talk at Westerford School earlier in the year.

I was in Dar es Salaam to run a leadership workshop in July and this is a run through the streets at the end of day two. I love running when visiting a new city. It gives me a chance to take in the local sites, sounds and people. 

And this is my favourite run, a loop in Brazil taking in beach and light jungle. Some of the beaches are so remote that most days there are no visitors. We’ve spotted a giant snake in the jungle, there are views of nearby islands from the top of the climbs and then it starts and finishes amongst some of the most exclusive houses on coast. 


Taking the sting out of feedback

The leadership freak (Dan Rockwell) asks an insightful question in his post about feedback, why are we right when we give feedback and others are wrong when they give us feedback? I jotted down some ideas about receiving feedback in a post last year. It is hard to really accept feedback that is at odds […]

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Engaging (and the truth about hugs)

I’ve learned from my daughter that real engagement often happens at that moment when we want to disengage.  This is that moment in a meeting when we stop listening and start thinking about what we want to say. Sitting face to face with a customer who is telling us a story, we prepare our response […]

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Doubting our plans

Most things written by academics about strategy fall into the two broad categories of strategic planning and strategic execution. It seems that the academics have not been speaking to people outside their institutions enough.  John Lennon probably had a clearer view of how things really work when he sang, “Life is what happens to you […]

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Values (2)

Values come in two forms. The ones we talk about every day are our spoken values. These are the ones we normally reach for when asked, ‘what are your values?’. The ones we live are our lived values. The two are not always the same. It is easy to talk about our values, it is […]

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Underneath all relationships lurks this phenomena called values. Early in relationships they are easy to align because our description of values is often simple. We describe values using words such as honesty, integrity or respect. All people agree on these values. Don’t they? But real values come into play when relationships mature. True colours emerge. […]

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Steve Jobs - I

Two ways forward

There are at least two ways to plan and get things done.  One way is to plot. That is breaking everything that needs to get done into smaller and smaller pieces and then manage your way towards the outcome.  The other way is to be ready. When opportunities arise grab them, when they don’t arise […]

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Extreme emotions

There are times when something happens that sparks an unexpected emotion. These are not the usual mad, sad or glad – run of the mill type emotions that ebb and flow in our lives. I am talking about the emotions that register high on the richter scale and leave us wondering what happened. I’m talking about […]

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My manifesto on art and life

My manifesto on art and life

My life is the sum of what I have created and what I will create. If we judge everything we do as creative, we set our own bar for what we put out into the world. Rather than setting goals, step back and evaluate what I am creating and what do I want to create. […]

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“I admit I want revenge

Mandela: I want revenge but I want something more

There is a line in the movie Mandela, Long walk to freedom which struck for its honesty and insight.  While still in prison and negotiating with his captors, at a point they say that he ‘surely wants revenge’.  “I admit I want revenge”, he says, “but I want something more. I want to live without […]

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