Hello and welcome.

I’m Dale Williams and I’m in the business of making connections. I connect people, places, events, ideas, businesses and ways of being successful in the world.

Success comes in many shapes and sizes. Some people define it by prestige or money. Others by meaning or relationships. However you define success for yourself, the question you have to ask, and I have to ask, each and every day, is are we on our path to success.

Success is made up of the daily decisions towards the aspirations we set a month, a year, a decade and a lifetime from now.

Not all of our decisions are correct but understanding how and why we are making decisions is a key part of being successful. Do we have evidence for our decisions or are we just taking a flyer. Are we blindly biased or have we managed to uncover and see our biases?

My role in your success is a little like that of a mountain guide or sherpa – and this is the way I would define executive coaching generally.

At times I’ll ask challenging questions to get you thinking –
‘have you got what you need for this journey?’

At times I will shout a warning –
‘watch out you are in danger!’

Sometimes I will help you navigate a difficult path –
‘be careful this is tricky.’

As much as possible I will highlight your successes and encourage us to celebrate –
‘Well done, you made it!’

And many times I will not say a word – because you have all the answers inside you anyway and me talking unnecessarily will distract you from what you already know and could lead you off course.

I would love a conversation about where you are going and what you need to get there successfully. 

When we start, we won’t know if my role as executive coach, facilitator or educator is what you need. Our conversations will however allow us to join the dots and find ways for you to move forward. I can’t always help but I can always support you joining the dots and finding your next steps.

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