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What I do

Businesses leaders strive for two elusive things: a crystal-clear picture of the future of their business and a team that’s aligned to make it a reality. Having worked with both corporate giants and trailblazing entrepreneurs, I have successfully tackled these challenges in many different contexts. Through listening, understanding and connecting the dots I work with you at at the intersection of your personality and your business ambitions to create a compelling and succinct strategy that will pass the 3am test.

How to start a strategy conversation?

Do you know the core opportunity or challenge you are going after? Can you describe it in a sentence or two? Does it make sense? Are your people aligned and engaged to bring your competences to bear on that challenge or opportunity. This is the ❤️ of the strategy.

Put aside goals, revenue targets and the fluffy statement about being the industry leader. That's not a strategy. You'll know when you have the ❤️ of the strategy, you and your team will be jumping out of bed to work on it.

Objective outsider

When I was 14 I learned to program computers. Staring at a screen for hours searching for a bug that was preventing my code from running was frustrating. When I was really stuck I would ask my father for help.

Explaining to him what I was doing, I learned two incredible lessons. Explaining helped me to get clear on what I am really trying to do. And a fresh set of eyes could see things that I had been staring at for hours without seeing.

Today, this is what I do. I am the sounding board that helps you see what you haven't been able to see thus far and in our conversations you get to be really clear about what is standing between you and the ❤️ of the strategy.

Me in 10 seconds

My career as a three act play

Me in 27 seconds

I've been a chief operating officer, head of consumer banking, entrepreneur, strategic thinking lecturer, technology director, AIESEC Vice President.

The core principle that underpins my work is "People support what they create". This translates directly to strategy in that ideally everyone in the organisation can own what they contribute to the success of achieving your strategy. From the CEO to the individual contributors in an organisation, all have a role and organisations work best when those roles are clear and aligned.

Me in 3 minutes

We both get it, don't we? Strategy isn't just a bunch of numbers or bullet points. It's really an art form. It's like painting a picture of the future so vivid, you can almost touch it.

We've got to dig a little deeper, though. You know as well as I do that it's all about asking the tough questions and looking at things from different angles. That's how we make choices that really count.

Over the years, I've had the chance to work with big companies and entrepreneurial startups alike. It's been a balancing act between gut feeling and hard facts, and I've learned a lot. Some through success and some through failure, my own and my clients.

I've been around the block listening and learning. From international boardrooms to local start-ups, I've heard a lot of voices, and I'm keen to hear yours.

What if we could light a fire in your team so hot, they can't help but bring your vision to life? We're not just making plans here; we're crafting something special. We're not just looking at data; we're weaving a story that'll push your business into a stronger, better place.

Feeling curious? That's your gut telling you to dig deeper, explore more. Your strategy could be leading you to a much more powerful position. What do you say?

Got more time

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