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This is what I'm busy with now.

Strategy coaching

My strategy coaching practice evolved a few years ago and is my main activity, engaging with 10 businesses over every two week period. I have a small property and investment portfolio which requires periodic engagement. I meet with a wide range of people and am always open to connect.

This month (September 2023)

Yoga every morning. Tweaking my website to include some of the AI tools I had built on Wordpress. Building up my cycling and running for Torpedo Swim Run later in the year, a couple of social cycle trips and Three Peaks in November .

"Now Now" fun fact

Anyone who has been to South Africa knows that "now" (sometime, maybe, eventually), "now now" (I plan to get there but could be shortly or a bit later), "right now" (a little more urgent but still ambivalent) and "just now" (later) all have specific meanings. This is what I'm up to...

Inspired by Derek Sivers .