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This is what I'm busy with now.

Strategy coaching

My strategy coaching practice evolved a few years ago and is my main activity, engaging with 10 businesses over every two week period. I have a small property and investment portfolio which requires periodic engagement. I meet with a wide range of people and am always open to chat

This month (January / February 2024)

Yoga every morning. I am picking up my trail running distances, both horizontal and vertical. And taking advantage of the summer winds. The year has started with the first client strategy reviews and priority setting for the year and quarter ahead.

I pioneered and launched a new feedback process for my clients looking at the specific areas of:

I asked my client a few questions about how they saw them self against the above attributes and paid this with my knowledge of how they operate both as leaders and within their teams. I have completed most of them and will complete the last few in the next weeks.

Fun Fact "Now Now"

Anyone who has been to South Africa knows that "now" (sometime, maybe, eventually), "now now" (I plan to get there but could be shortly or a bit later), "right now" (a little more urgent but still ambivalent) and "just now" (later) all have specific meanings that are known to locals and opaque to anyone not familiar with them.

Inspired by The Now Page movement