The strategy conversation you can only have here

What I do

Businesses leaders strive for two elusive things: a crystal-clear picture of the future of their business and a team that’s aligned to make it a reality. Having worked with both corporate giants and trailblazing entrepreneurs, I have successfully tackled these challenges in many different contexts. Through listening, understanding and connecting the dots I work with you to create a compelling and succinct strategy that will pass the 3am test.

How to start a strategy conversation?

Do you know the core opportunity or challenge you are going after? Can you describe it in a sentence or two? Does it make sense? Are your people aligned and engaged to bring your competences to bear on that challenge or opportunity. This is the ❤️ of the strategy.

Put aside goals, revenue targets and the fluffy statement about being the industry leader. That's not a strategy. You'll know when you have the ❤️ of the strategy, you and your team will be jumping out of bed to work on it.

Me in 27 seconds

My career as a three act play*

* Roughly in the thirds of my life

I've been a chief operating officer, head of consumer banking, entrepreneur, strategic thinking lecturer, technology director, AIESEC Vice President.

The core principles that underping my work are