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9 weeks to go


Woke up tired this morning. Fridays fast 10km, followed by Saturday's 30km run and Sundays 150km ride took it out of me. My focus of this week is getting enough sleep. I noticed a big difference when I was away facilitating for three days and slept at 9pm every night compared to the last few where I have been up late with parties.

When I'm sleeping is actually when I am getting fitter. The exercise is just to tell my body how much is needed and then I rest and it prepares me for next time.

I am training for Ironman South Africa on 5th April 2009. This blog posting reflects on my experiences in training. This is for my benefit and also for anyone contemplating the Ironman. I completed the Ironman in 2008 for the first time. My primary goal is to finish, to have fun and learn. I’m by no means a serious competitor.