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Are famous people good people?


What is it that makes a person a good person?

Are famous public people always good, unless they do something bad.

Did Oscar Pistorius change who he was overnight?

Is Barack Obama still the same person he was when he became the first black president of the United States? Why has the perception of him changed?

If someone has a fancy title, lots of money, influential friends, fame and success, are they automatically good people?

Logic says no. But many people have taken me aside and told what a good person someone is because they 'just look like it on TV'.

I have worked with a couple of people who are household names and I am always surprised at how well, people who have never met them, know them.

Why is it that we want to believe someone is good because they are famous?

And how do we cope when we find out that our idol is in fact a chop?
Are famous people good people?

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