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Empty communication


We think it is easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. In fact it is hard.

I can message my friend in Auckland or Vancouver in a second. The quality of that message is a lot less than the letters I used to write to my granny when I was a kid.

The hour spent crafting a message to gran was way up the scale towards real communication. The text to my Canadian or New Zealand friend is a lot emptier.

Even further up the scale of real communication are the meaningful, honest, vulnerable conversations held in person. This is why executive coaching continues to grow.

Our digital messages are seldom quality. They are often shotgun blasts hoping to land. Unsure of the quality, we follow many of our messages with another one saying 'did you get my message?' or 'did you understand my email?'

Our amazing new communication tools ironically allow us to send empty messages quicker and easier than ever.

The medium is indeed the message*.

Empty communication

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