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Follow the energy


When we are working within our talents and natural ability, we are able to work effortlessly and time flies by.

When we are working in areas where we are competent but have little natural talent, time drags.

Too often we look externally for answers when needing to decide to do something or not.

By paying attention to the energy that is generated or depleted as a result of our behaviours, we have a built in autocorrect mechanism.

Activities that build energy keep us in flow are easy to do and leave us feeling more alive when we are finished.

Those that use up a lot of our energy, exhaust us, leaving us tired and depleted

Energy inducing activities use strengths to make us stronger.

Energy sapping activities ignore strengths and make us weaker.

Our built in energy system can act as an intuitive guide to everything that we do.

As with all good guides though, we need to acknowledge that we need guidance.

Paying attention to our energy can guide us in our decision

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