The strategy conversation you can only have here

I don't do politics


Yes you do.

Well ok unless you're reading this alone while holed up in your retreat a hundred miles from civilisation.

The moment two or more people get together we do politics.

You know those conversations. Where words, dressed up beautifully, are laced with toxic venom for the people who aren't with us.

Even if we are just listening, we are giving credibility to the politicians.

We do not need to be the politician to be doing politics.

We have a choice though. Do we stay and listen? Do we show up the cleverly disguised venom for what it is? Do we force the politician to say what she really means? Or invite the person who is the subject of the conversation to join us, forcing the politician to speak directly.

The question is not whether I do politics or not.

The question is, how do I do politics?

I don't do politics. Yes you do.