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It's always more complex


At the start of a new project we are always unrealistic about what needs to be done.

The reason for this is that we cannot think about all the steps that are required to create our new offering. The gap between the theoretical project and the actual project is always bigger than we think, and more complex.

Much of the complexity is caused by too much activity or information. When we think strategically about our project we can simplify things by forcing our thinking into a sharp yet detailed picture of the future. This way we focus our minds and keep unneeded items out of the way.

A tool like can help you to sharpen your thinking. By answering a few open questions about what you want, you are quickly presented with a strategy that makes sense to all involved.

If you ask your partners to also complete a 1strategy, in a few minutes you can check that you are all on the same page.

1strategy net to create your strategy on one

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