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Jack Welch was wrong


If we had all taken Jack Welch's advice we would be firing 10% of our staff every year.

Firing the bottom 10% performers may work for some companies for some periods of time. It doesn't work for all companies, all the time.

Besides the disruption and killing of culture, it assumes that you have a good enough system for judging performance. Few companies do.

This is the danger of business books from so called 'experts' who proclaim to have the answers to some of the toughest business challenges.

It is tempting to think that a book, talk or video from an expert will offer a solution to your problem.

Listen to the ideas and think about what works for you, in your business.

Being critical is, well critical.

Be cautious of adopting ideas without grappling with the complexity of your own situation.

Be even more cautious of people who say "Jack Welch did it so it can't be so bad".

Of course you could replace 'Jack Welch' in the above sentence with 'Steve Jobs' or any other famous CEO.

Jack Welch said fire the bottom 10% of our

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