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When we look at our life backwards, we get a unique perspective.

Looking at another person's life backwards can be inspirational.

The question is will our legacy be an inspiration for those people who know us?

I thought of this when I read about Hiroshi Yamauchi, the long-time leader of Nintendo and an icon of Japan’s video game industry who passed away last week at the age of 85. Having transformed the company from a small card manufacturing business into a global gaming giant, it is tempting to think that his legacy is bigger than the average person.

The truth is our legacy counts more for those who we personally touch during our lives, than those who indirectly benefit from our work. This is why it is important to pay attention to each of our important relationships.

Our legacy is built one relationship at a time. Sure the people we touch indirectly count, but not as much as the people with whom we have true connection.

Perhaps our real legacy is the people who show up at our funeral and have something to say.

Our legacy can be measured by our

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