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Looking and seeing are not the same thing


Looking and seeing are not the same thing. The choice of what we see is active, looking can be passive.

You and I can look at the same event and see different things.

Our lenses, influenced by a lifetime of nature and nurture influence what we choose to see.

And we can choose to see different things from the same experience, just ask a couple in the process of a divorce. In this scenario there are usually three versions of the truth, what each of the former partners said and what really happened.

Here is another example. What are five words you associate with 'Bank'?

Seriously - list the five words before reading on...






If I asked the same question to a group of fly fisherman as they set off for the day I would no doubt get different answers.

Context is just one aspect that biases what we choose to see.

There are of many many biases (see pic) that afflict us?

What do you think yours are?

List of common biases that affect our decision making (source Incredible
Strategies by Dale Williams)

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