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Overcoming bias


One of the best ways to overcome bias is to open up your thinking to the scrutiny of others.

Of course this means you have to be prepared to put aside your ideas. This is hard for most of us. Harder for the A-type personalities that tend to gravitate to the tops of organisations.

These people think they are making rational decisions. Who doesn't?

And that is the problem with bias, we can recognise them so easily in everyone except ourselves.

An example is the sunk cost bias which happens on many strategic projects that should be cancelled because they are failing. The people involved often push on in the hope that a little more cost will make it all worth while. It seldom does. Mostly more money is wasted before the project fails properly.

From the outside it is so easy to see but that is not the point.

The point is what are your blind spots and biases and what are doing to spot them in your strategic thinking?

Sometimes others see things more clearly than we

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