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There are two types of qualification.

One is those that are bestowed on you externally by universities and colleges, professional bodies or schools.

They confirm that you know or can do something to a standard.

They are necessary but are only part of the picture when thinking about qualifications.

External qualifications cannot replace our own personal sense of feeling qualified for what we do.

In the past this was learned through experience, think apprenticeships, and it was accepted that it took time.

Today there is a race to notch up externally approved qualifications.

Many people move so fast in the external qualification world that they forget to work on their internal qualification.

Getting ourselves to a point where we internally feel qualified to do what we do is a challenging introspective journey that nobody externally can bestow on us.

When we align our external and the internal qualifications, we can feel truly qualified.

Degrees and qualifications are only part of the