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Simplify your strategy so that it passes the 3am test


The word “strategy” is often misunderstood, but in essence, it is simple: it’s about getting into a stronger position over time, even as circumstances change.

Explaining how you’ll move from where you are now to a stronger position is a skill. Companies that master this skill quickly get everyone on the same page, and then momentum builds.

Without a clear strategy, teams get stuck in their own worlds, distracted and frustrated. Too many priorities make it hard to focus on what’s really important.

But here’s the good news: you can make it simple. When companies align their people around a clear strategy, they find focus and build momentum.

That’s where the 3 a.m. test comes in . It’s a simple way to check if your strategy is clear.

If you can wake up any leader at 3 a.m. and they can explain where the company is headed without needing slides or notes, your strategy is clear.

I’ve spent the last twenty years talking strategy with leadership teams. I’ve seen the power of simplicity that sits on the other side of complexity. When the path forward is clear, distractions fade, and real priorities emerge.

Strategy expert Richard Rummelt talks about finding the core of the strategy problem. He believes tackling this core is key to good strategy.

I can help you simplify your strategy and pass the 3 a.m. test.

As someone who spends every day discussing how to get into stronger positions with my clients, I am well-placed to assist you.

Let’s chat , and I’ll show you how it works.