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Starting again


It is hard to start a project. Sometimes it is even harder starting again. Picking things up when they have gone astray can be difficult.

The principal underpinning this phenomena is momentum. Just as more effort is required to move a stationery object, so too more effort is required to get momentum when a project is in its /early stages.

Sadly a stopped project has this momentum issue plus a whole lot of doubts about whether momentum can be gained again. Having known movement and then experiencing the stall can raise all sorts of doubts in the people driving the project.

The one upside of a stalled project is that the time away from it gives a space to reflect and refocus.

If used beneficially this reflection can compensate for the doubts and sense of failure.

Ironically if we overcome the challenge of being stalled, we immediately start feeling like we are making progress, just like before the break.

The trick is to not let the burden of being in a slump prevent you from lifting yourself out.

Starting again can be hard and very

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