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Swimming between Meetings


Busy day today. Besides being Dee and my 10th anniversary I had a bunch of meetings with clients about facilitation and executive coaching work coming up over the next months.

In between the meetings, I slipped in a lekker swim in the dam at Silvermine (top of ou Kaapse Weg).

I swam 3.8km in 1h08 which is in line with what I did last time just before Christmas (a bit disappointing actually as I would like to have done faster).

There is something about swimming at Silvermine. The dam is nestled in the mountain and the water is crystal dark mountain wate. So much better than the water at the Virgin Active which has more parts chlorine than most pools.

To measure my distance I put my Garmin inside a zip lock and slip it inside my swimming cap. If I set a training programme on the Garmin to do 4 laps of 950 metres then I can swim laps and I hear a beep at the end of every lap.

Satellite technology at its best in Africa.

I had to dash after the swim to my next meeting at Knead on the Muizenberg beach front. Great hot chocolate and tapas to put back some of the calories.