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The big blue bubble


Think of it as a big blue bubble. It travels with us wherever we go and it is filled with the things we say and do. The contents however tend to linger well beyond our words and actions. It is like our history travelling around with us.

If we are genuinely a well meaning person who has mostly valuable interactions with others then one fallout is not likely to have a big effect. Similarly, if we mostly fight with the world, it makes it harder for us to get on with anyone.

Our bubble is there for anyone to see. It is surprising how accurately people can describe us just from experiencing our bubble. Before we open our mouths people have a sense if who and how we are. Blink.

Likewise there are bubbles around families, companies, churches, cities and countries. The French bubble looks and feels different to the British bubble. The Catholic bubble is different to the Jewish bubble.

Our own bubbles interact with each others and with those of the organisations we inhabit.

When somebody says something like 'trust me' while their bubble is telling you to run a mile, we feel uncomfortable.

The question we need to ask ourselves is how are we influencing our bubbles with what we say and do?

Do our bubbles represent who we would like to be? And if not, what can we do about it?

Our bubbles follow us wherever we

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