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The case for optimism


Even if I’m completely wrong.

If there had been two ways that something could work out and I have chosen the incorrect one.

If I had been smoking my socks and there is no validity in what I thought would happen.

If it is now entirely clear that I have been unrealistic and out of touch with the reality of how things work.

I believed something better would happen than it did. My judgment failed me and left me choosing a fantasy rather than seeing the harsh reality of the situation.

When my optimistic view on the issue, which I have held on to, is proven out of touch with what has happened. When my optimistic view has been held up for all its faults.

When, on that day, I am devastated by the consequences of choosing the wrong option and have left dealing with how to cope with a scenario I had not anticipated.

On that day, the day that I am wrong, I will say, “You were right, I was wrong.”

Between today and then however, I will have been happier, slept better, held more hope and had more fun, than the pessimist.

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