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The new retirement


The old retirement worked on the basis that you work your whole life and save like mad so you can get to 60 and 65 and then hope like crazy that you don’t live longer than you have money to live because if you do you are so far out of the market that you can never recover. Keywords - mad and crazy.

The new retirement says retire today. Retire from work that is not meaningful and a life which is not balanced with the things you might think are only possible when you’re 65. It’s not true.

The new retirement works on the basis of a portfolio life starting today. Craft the elements of your life that add richness, uniqueness, meaning and fulfillment for you and the people around you. Do it starting today from within your current company and if not their, find a place where it is.

If you’re in doubt, ask your kids, they’ll help you decide whether the old retirement or the new retirement is for you.

John Baldoni’s Harvard Business Review blog warns about leaving it too late .