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There is always baggage


Whether a company or an individual, our past often impacts how we respond today.

This is why so many small businesses fail to make the leap to medium businesses and medium business struggle to become really big.

Growth demands change. Growth demands letting go of old ways so as to create new.

Likewise, as people with baggage, we often learn a way to respond to a feeling which works well initially (it may have been in our childhood). Later in life we have the potential for a better response but don't always take it, as it feels safer to hang onto our original way of doing things.

The thing with baggage is that it becomes more of a problem when we do not acknowledge it.

By owning up to baggage we give ourselves the potential to move beyond it.

Unfortunately, pretending we don't have baggage is the surest way to allow it to trip us up.

Emotional baggage is being too scared to let go of an old response to a
feeling despite knowing now there is a better way