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Two types of learning


In the one type of learning we get exposed to some facts and we need to repeat them back to prove we know them.

This is useful for an ever decreasing number of activities.

In the past we would value someone who could repeat a lot of facts.

Today recognition has moved to the person who can synthesise a lot of facts and make sense of them. We no longer need to remember any fact because they are all only a Google away.

Synthesis is a different type of learning and is required today even for young children.

Think back to what you learned at school. What can you recall? Maybe a handful of the thousands of facts that you knew at the time of your tests and exams.

More valuable than the facts are the techniques you learned for finding the facts and for relating facts to real world applications. This is synthesis.

Remembering facts requires you to have a good memory.

Thinking strategically requires you to be good at synthesis.

If you re-read the first sentence it really sounds preposterous doesn't it?

Synthesis learning

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